Stellenbörsetag NTB Buchs 03.04.2019
Markus Probst, Geschäftsführer der Micropool GmbH,  informiert am Stellenbörsetag 2019 über den Tätigkeitsbereich in der Elektronik-Entwicklung.

Interessierte erhalten einen Einblick in das Arbeitsumfeld unseres Unternehmens und die erfolgreich realisierten Projekte auf dem Gebiet der Medizintechnik, Konsumgüter und Industrieprodukte.

Spectrum analyzer and RF-probes

To achive best possible electromagnetic compatibility and detect emission sources of your product, we perform tests during the entire develpment phase using  Spectrum Analyzer HMS3000 or programmable Synthesizer HM8135.

On demand, we do also comparative measurements to check reliability of optimization actions.

Increase quality and productivity with stereo-microscope

New issue available to you: Mantis Elite high performance stereo viewer is the ideal solution for optical quality assurance as well as product qualifications during early development phase.
Thanks to an integrated digital camera, it is possible to provide inspection results electronically.

Engineering Pool

For more than 14 years, the three companies have been working together successfully in the Engineering Pool. With just one contact partner, Engineering Pool offers wide engineering capacities for your individual project. On request, we will work closely together with handpicked and specialized companies. Your task will therefore be solved by an optimally qualified team.

Parasoft C/C++Test to increase software quality

You don't want a bug to become a nightmare in your software product? Nor do we!
On request or required, we use the test suite Parasoft C/C++Test to
  • run static and dynamic (unit) tests
  • detect run-time errors
  • present you with test coverage based on a report